Blast It Ilm - Dustless Blasting - Surface Preparation Anti-fouling Paint Removal


Blast It Surface Preparation is a veteran owned, American company, which operates in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.

​We offer commercial and residential media blasting and pressure washing services.

Our blasting system is completely mobile and will come to you.

Our business is available to complete any job which requires surface preparation.  

A dustless blasting system uses crushed glass the consistency of sand, which is propelled using air pressure while suspended in a water vapor stream. 

This blasting method reduces dust and makes for easy clean up as it falls to the containment barrier below.  

Dustless Blasting solves warping problems caused by traditional dry sand blasting. 

Dustless blasting does not have paint adhesion problems related to soda blasting methods.

It's faster, cleaner, and greener than any other paint stripping technology available.  The glass abrasive used is made from 100% recycled bottle glass. 

This material is inert and recommended by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as a substitute for slags and mineral abrasives.

Crushed glass contains no heavy metals, no free silica. Therefore crushed glass is great for blasting projects which are close to waterways and sensitive ecological

areas where dust would be a concern. 

Crushed glass offers significant cost savings over using plastic bead, soda blasting, and glass bead products.

Crushed glass is aggressive, it is able to remove rust, thick paints, and rubber elastomeric coatings that other abrasives fail to remove.

Crushed glass blasting efficiently cleans steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, stone, brick (no etching), and fiberglass surfaces like boat anti-fouling paints. 

Metals which rust, are sprayed with a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting on the prepared surface. 

This treatment can allow up to 72 hours of rust prevention so priming is not needed immediately.

Dustless blasting leaves a clean, bright finish to metal surfaces and can achieve an aggressive profile for primer coatings to adhere to.

Dustless blasting is approved by major paint companies for surface preparation to include: PPG, Sherwin Williams, Ameron, International, Hempel, Carboline, Valspar, and more.

Dustless blasting is an excellent replacement for corn cob blasting log homes.  It will not embed into the wood  and hand sanding is not required.

If you have a 'fleet' of vehicles, billboard trailers, construction machinery, iron railings or any other industrial, commercial rental equipment, or personal items which need to be

stripped for restoration or repainting don't hesitate to Call Us Now! 910-367-5013.